Our legacy

With roots in community development in the township of Botlokwa, Matseke, Ditmaster Group Academy of Sports began using the power of sports, especially soccer, volleyball, netball, softball, athletics, boxing, etc to uplift underprivileged children in 2015.

Our Present

Our young athletes train, learn and grow into young professionals, on and off the field under the guidance of our team. Ditmaster Group Academy of Sports is designed to provide a consistent, professional environment in which our athletes can unlock their sporting potential.

Our Future

Our ambition is to take the young people in our system through to adulthood and the professional world. With a holistic, hands-on approach, we intend to give those with the potential to become professional athletes every chance to achieve their dream with consistent access to quality resources and opportunities.

Young Players

This is where you will be coached by Qualified Professional Full Time Coaches. Ditmaster Group Academy of Sports also brings a unique technological approach to the sport making it like nothing else available for young players wanting to make a career. Trust Ditmaster Group Academy of Sports to help you develop.










Ditmaster Group Academy of Sports is dedicated to providing consistent access to quality resources and opportunities for disadvantaged young people; creating a high performance, pro-transformation environment in which they can reach their full potential, on and off the sports field.


We use sport as a tool to connect and discipline young people, providing them with opportunities for a better future through the coaching, mentorship and career guidance incorporated into our programmes. We want our students to be the best version of themselves and so we strive to develop them spiritually, physically and academically.