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Fan Park is your no1 Ekasi Shisanyama Experience located in the heart of Botlokwa Township. A dream that came to life in 2017, Fan Park is a highly sought out shisanyama restaurant and premium event venue, where patrons are photographed midwalk as they enter Fan Park. Specialising in a unique Shisanyama township experience, Fan Park is one of the fastest growing businesses in Limpopo, catering to the young and trendy, meat and music lover alike. Not only do we have the best meat in town but we also host the craziest out of this world events, private functions, birthdays, baby showers, product launches, brand activations…the works…basically Fan Park is here for your pleasure and specific needs, catering to your exclusive demands. From catering services to the biggest stage performances.

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We Started Our Mission In 2008

Fan Park is one of Limpopo’s most popular hangout venues and arguably, an important tourism hotspot for the province. It’s easily the first place that many of us want to visit and experience when on holiday in Limpopo with much of its popularity attributed to viral social media images of people walking into the venue.

Whether it takes the form of a distinctive blend of spices to go with their meat cuts or a variety of scrumptious dishes, or music or security for patrons, outlets are sparing no effort to keep customers coming back and gain new ones.

Fan Park is one of Limpopo’s most popular hangout venues, and one can go as far as saying it has become an important tourism hotspot for the province. Meet Moyahabo Edwin "Koe D'man" Ramusi Born and bred in Botlokwa, Limpopo, Koe D'man started out as a Volleyball Player who then went into the corporate branding business, helping his own clients in Polokwane. Following this, Koe D'man started a design company called Ditmaster Group. He then later ventured into the entertainment industry with Fan Park which he built from scratch in 2013. The business only started operating four years later in 2017.