Going back to artist management/booking agent with 4 or 5 tallented artists, both male and female

Going back into artists management and hosting events after taking a long break. The last artist/event I managed was back in 2019 before covid! Now I need 4 or 5 upcoming artists to change their game. Don’t forget I once managed Da Capo, Punk, Swizz, Problem Child, Kwetepane, Lyric Shoxen just to list a few. I also worked on projects for 2 years + with Winnie Mashaba, Candy Tsamandebele, Lamiez Holworthy, Aaron Moloisi, Dj Malwela, Dj What What, just to list a few as their web administrator/graphic designer.

If you want me to be your manager, send me a WhatsApp 076 758 9476

Koe D’man
Chairman and founder of Ditmaster Group
Call 076 758 9476