I’ve been in football as club chairman from 2019 and I witnessed more bad behavior that is treated as normal amongst soccer lovers.

Someone will openly give disrespectful remarks about a colleague or club. In your presence there will be much fake behavior towards you and disrespectful remarks when not around.

Those who made it to the top, disrespect those who are still going there. Players wants to be treated like gods and are not taken seriously when career is over. Infact most club chairmans hold grudges with most players and won’t show them while still helping the team.

Amateur leagues compete for free while hoping for a sponsorship they don’t deserve. How do you affiliate a season league for R500 (LFA) and a tournament that only play 2 weeks you affiliate with R5k? Why not affiliate in big money and compete for it and that’s when sponsorship will come.

My club has been competing at amateur league and big tournaments for 5 seasons and never won any silverware. The reason winning is not important is that we are in soccer business to advertise our company and we always playing with young players we discovered ourselves. So is not easy to win with players without experience. Also experienced players are problematic and we avoid them at all cost always.

Edwin Ramusi
Ditmaster Group FC