Hello, I am Moyahabo Edwin Ramusi (Entrepreneur)

When I was in grade 11, I would frequently tell my friends that! I will prefer to have my own company after my grade 12 than to go look for a job. Not even one of them believed me, they just looked down on my ideas and try to discourage me! Indeed in 2008 I started my company while studying and 15 years later I am still pushing my own company.

In 2010 I started an events management business, hosting events and managing artists. I would struggle financially to secure venues and event equipment. So I approached friends to say, guys there is good profit in entertainment. Let’s put some money together, build a venue for events and also buy equipment so people can hire. My friends ignored my idea and I had to do it alone, build a venue and buy events equipment. Today I have more equipment to hire and a venue for hire.

In 2019 I decided to start a soccer club and I had to affiliate the team to a local soccer league. But while playing the league I noticed more local clubs not being serious. A team will win a league with more walkovers. So I had to approach the league so we can improve things, all my ideas to improve the league got rejected. With the same ideas just 5 years in soccer I already have clients in LFA, SAB, ABC, NFD and PSL. Unfortunately I had to move the club and is now based in the city of Polokwane and is one of the few clubs that run and operate more professionally at LFA level.

Just because people don’t take your ideas serious, don’t make a mistake of not taking your ideas serious also! I know it will take time to perfect your ideas, but just don’t give up! If I did not allow people to discourage me and I continue dreaming big. Nothing can also stand on your way with the right attitude.