“I met a fantastic player in Bhuba”: Chairman says 16 year old Ditmaster Group FC player simply ‘Fantastic’

Ditmaster Group FC Chairman Edwin Ramusi has raved about Ditmaster forward Motsusi Mathakgala “Bhuba” Happiness.

The role of Bhuba at Ditmster Group FC is so big. His responsibility is not limited to attacking only. He is the Best Young Player in the Polfa League this season. The 16-year-old has been fantastic for the Ditmaster Group FC this campaign.

Chairmanr said about Bhuba: ”I love him. I think he has been fantastic. Bhuba has been Ditmaster’s best player. In my view, Bhuba is one of the best young players in the league and is a key figure at Ditmaster Goup FC.

Yes, the 16-year-old did not have the best of the season with the team as we are limited to quality players, but individually he has been superb overall this campaign. The Botlokwa star in the making has played consistently well and always gives his all.

It is remarkable that a 16-year-old player could be so consistent. You would not often see Bhuba having a bad game. That’s how good he is.

Surely is one player at Ditmaster Group FC who deserves to play at the ABC Motsepe League or MDC setup. Personally I will make sure as the chairman of the team to make few phone calls to ABC and MDC clubs to give him a chance to special trials. The boy is a fantastic player and way better than most players his age, every time he play he never disappoint”.

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