Chairman, If you loved and played volleyball for such a long time, why did you start the soccer team and not a volleyball club?

Sometimes you need to think out of the box and be able to know what works or not. So you don’t waste your precious time hoping for things to work out and start making things happen.

I played volleyball for 11 seasons as a pro, hopping to make big money 1 day. But in actual fact I was just chasing shadows. Now as an adult I invested in sport and I started a soccer club in 2019 and ask urself why not start with volleyball?

You can’t just invest in things you love hopping it will work out one day. Check what work out easy and will put food on the table and invest in it.

You can’t just cry of unemployment without changing your approach, you will cry 4ever. It’s time you focus your time and energy on things that will work for you, not things that waste your time.

A tool box of building equipment cost less than R500. A welding machine, grinder and drill cost R2500. To start a hair salon, you need a hair cut machine for men and just creative hands for weaving hair at a budget of around R1000 to start.

Continue investing in monate wa weekend or start coming up with creative ideas to change ur life. The choices you make will affect your future in a negative or positive way.

You need to learn skills that are in demand and it will be easier to win.

If ke kgona go weldela, o aga dintlo, ka hloba batho meriri, ka organise di event ka connecta sound and dj, ka opela, sell kota and chips, draw house plans. Taba ya unemployment rekwa ka lena bao emala di opportunity lesa hapeletje. Please note I do all my businesses not only to empower me but my family and those around me.

Koe D’man
Chairman and founder of