I find it very strange that teams at amateur level of SAFA structures (ABC, SAB and LFA) waste a lot of money during league season and none of the owners of the teams doing something to change the situation. It is so wrong on many levels to spend money you can’t recover! Why amateur leagues not run like kasi tournaments so that teams can compete for some money not just a promotion. I believe those running football at amateur level in SAFA make a lot of money on payola and they don’t care if clubs are suffering financially or not.

Let’s not shy away from the fact that if our amateur football has money, will have a significant improvement on the level of competetiveness. Yes promotion is cool, but if we add money on it will be even more competitive.

How we can have money on our amateur leagues? Is if teams join a league like they join December tournaments. Sponsors will join us later as soon as the league is competetive.

Edwin Ramusi