We have high number of players losing patience at a crucial moment in football.

It’s very sad to be losing players at a crucial age of 21, 22, 23, 24 & 25 saying they quite soccer as they got job opportunity or going in search of a job. To me those are crucial ages if you are a good player as you got experience and you stand a good chance to make it to professional football. You can’t desert your career for odd jobs while you have a big chance to make good money in football to change your life, unless if you quite due to injuries.

I remember when I started my company in 2008, I was only 22 years and I was studying and running a business at the same time! It was not easy at all as things got easier 6 years later when I was 27 years. Good things come to those who got patient for the right moment.

Today I have 17 years business experience, imagine if I had to quite in those bad crucial 6 years!

Koe D’man
Ditmaster Group