Ditmaster Group

Welding & Glass

Ditmaster Group Welding & Glass is one of the fast growing independent manufactures of welding products in South Africa.

Let’s work together

Bring any design or picture of an aluminum product, anything from aluminum garage doors, single or double doors, gates or signage, our design team will design it from scratch, bring any written quote and we will beat it.

Get Free Consultancy About Your Project

We beat any written quotation, show us any design and we will create one for you that is personally customized and tailored for you needs right from scratch, kindly ask us any quotation regarding our products or service and one of our service consultants will answer it as soon as possible.

The Best Welding & Glass Solutions

Are you looking to for personally custom designed Aluminum Windows, Garage Doors, Burglars, Signage, Single or Double Doors? Find us in Matseke, Botlokwa or kindly click here and fill in the form one of our service consultants will give you call now.


We offer a wide range of service to ensure our products are best suited to your new inspired and secured space.

Who we are?

Ditmaster Group Welding & Glass is one of the fast growing independent manufactures of welding products in South Africa. We believe that home improvements should not be a costly headache, hence we assist in making any custom steel job an easy task, with years of experience be assured that Ditmaster Group Welding & Glass will provide excellent and quality service with the use of top quality materials.

Why choose us:

We understand the value of safety, we built Ditmaster Group Welding with the mindset that the safety of your family should not come with a bloated price tag.

Years of security product experience

Having been in the industry for many years, we have expert knowledge in the manufacturing and installation of security products.

Made by South Africans, for South Africans

Because we believe in South Africa, we manufacture all our products right here in Mzanzi. This means we can keep our prices lower than our competitors.

Custom built security gates

With our “made-to-measure” products, you can rest assured that your home or office will be as safe as possible.

Quick turnaround time

We know security brings peace of mind. That’s why we always do our best to minimize the time is takes from ordering to installing your brand new security gates and burglar bars.